Flex Duct Installation in Dallas-Fort Worth

Flex ducts are constructed from materials that are flexible, most often rubber. These ducts have an inner core, and around that inner core is a covering made of coiled wire. The inner core is contained inside the ducts. The goal of this coiled wire is to give the flexible duct some stiffness so that it can perform its intended function. A plastic sheath is further included in the flexible duct as a part of its construction.

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Importance of Flex Duct

Flexible ducting may be appealing due to the fact that it is often simpler to deal with; nonetheless, if it is not used appropriately, it may create issues at a later point in time. When the location of the ventilation system is in an area that is difficult to access in an RV, flexible ducting is often the most effective solution.

The difficulty with flexible ducting materials is that they may droop, which can lead to condensation pooling and reduced air movement. This problem can be avoided by selecting materials that are more rigid. However, depending on the specifics of the situation, flexible ducting choices of a high grade may perform admirably well.

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