RV Tow Bars in Burleson, DFW

There may be very few things as thrilling as a road trip in your own RV to a travel enthusiast or adventurer. You can literally carry your home with you! What can add more fun to the trip is if you can bring along your passenger car as well. That’s where RV tow bars come into play.

Just connect the tow bar at the back of your RV, hook up your vehicle, and you are good to go. But choosing a quality and authentic tow bar is crucial to its proper functionality. Here at My RV Outpost, we offer our customers a wide range and branded tow bars to choose from for their RVs.

My RV Outpost is the leading company for all sorts of RV parts, accessories, and appliances. Our collection of high-grade tow bars and other RV equipment is the largest in Burleson, Fort Worth, Dallas, Arlington, and Mansfield, TX.

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Types of Tow Bars We Carry

Tow Bars
  • Swan Neck Tow Bar

    This type of tow bar features a swan neck tow ball, which gets permanently attached to the tow bar.

  • Horizontal Hitch

    These are designed to haul heavier loads.

  • Flat Tongue

    This type of tow bar is specifically designed to be used for lighter loads. It comes with a detachable tow ball that is compatible with a horizontal slot on the tow bar.

  • Rear Step

    These types of tow bars are designed to be used on 4WDs.

Benefits of RV Tow Bars

  • Fast Set-Up: A tow bar setup is just about the fastest system for hitching and unhitching a vehicle since there is no need to off-load a trailer or lower the towed car off the tow dolly.
  • Safety: Investing in a tow bar allows you to safely pull your vehicle while on the trip.
  • Variety: Using a tow bar, you can pull a variety of vehicles that include cars, boats, smaller vehicles, etc.

Other RV Parts We Carry

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